Aurora ARG Remote Testing - Canadian Licenses

The Aurora Amateur Radio Group sponsors examinations for Canadian licenses in the amateur radio service.  We administer exams for the Advanced, Basic and Morse Code Qualifications as defined by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (a.k.a. ISED).  Here are the various combinations of license Qualifications:

===> Basic Qualification (100 question exam) is earned when you score a passing mark of 70 per cent or higher.
===> The Basic Qualification itself only grants the license holder privileges above 50 MHz.  To obtain HF privileges, the applicant must do one of three things:
       ==> Score a mark of 80 per cent or higher on the Basic Qualification exam, thus passing with Honours (a.k.a. Basic with Honours)
       ==> Obtain the Morse Code Qualification at 5 w.p.m. or
       ==> Obtain the Advanced Qualification (50 question exam) and reach a passing mark of 70 per cent or higher

To qualify for a license examination in Canada, you must have a valid mailing address to receive a printed copy of your certificate from ISED.  The Accredited Examiner will require documented proof of your mailing address, along with valid photo identification.  To qualify for an in-person examination through our club, you must physically reside in Labrador or Nunavut.  Remote examinations are permitted at the discretion of our Accredited Examiner.  To learn more about remote examinations in Canada, please contact our Accredited Examiner, Brandin Hess (VA6ILS) who can be reached by one of the following methods:

Canada Mobile: (506) 801-9730
Alaska Mobile: (814) 346-1820‬
NOTE: Individuals dialing the Alaska number must make sure that proper long distance calling is available prior to dialing from Canada.
E-Mail: brandinhess(at)

To request an examination for a Canadian amateur radio license, please contact the Accredited Examiner via one of the methods above.