Aurora ARG Chatroom

To connect with our chatroom, you must have an external client installed.  For Windows and Linux users, there is a free program called Hexchat.  If you are a Linux user, the program is available in the repo for your specific distro.  If you are a Windows user, Hexchat can be downloaded through one of the links below:

32 Bit Download
64 Bit Download

For OS X users, you have two options that we recommend for IRC.  They are as follows:

LimeChat (free download)
Textual (paid IRC client)

Once you have your client installed, our IRC server can be accessed with the following information:

Server address:
Port:  6697 ONLY ... we run SSL only and make sure you configure your client to accept an invalid SSL certificate as it's self-signed.

To join our main channel, type the following into the text box of your IRC client and press Enter:  /join #aarg

If you need assistance with setting up your IRC client, please send an email to info(at) and we will be more than glad to assist!