From the Aurora ARG Media Room

FCC soliciting a filing window for new VECs

By: Brandin Hess, VA6ILS / WB1BR
Dated: January 5th, 2021

In a Public Notice released today by the Federal Communications Commission's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, seeking input on whether the existing fourteen volunteer examiner coordinators (VECs) are sufficient to coordinate the efforts of volunteer examiners in preparing and administering examinations for amateur radio operator licenses, or whether the Bureau should open a window to consider authorizing a limited number of additional VECs (but likely no more than five).  Specifically, the Bureau seeks to determine whether the existing 14 VECs provide adequate support to volunteer examiners or whether additional VECs are needed.

As many already know, the Aurora Amateur Radio Group initially filed a Petition with the Federal Communications Commission in March 2020, asking for an authorization to operate as an independent VEC.  Over time, some changes were made to our original request and a formal Petition was submitted on September 14th, 2020.  You may read a copy of our current petition by clicking HERE.  Since our formal Petition has been submitted to the Commission, we have been hard at work getting ourselves setup to being fully capable of operating independently on day one after being approved as a new VEC.

Per the Public Notice released by the Commission, comments are due by February 4th, 2021.  To read the public notice, please click HERE.  As more grow aware of our plans to reshape amateur radio license testing for generations to come, we invite all who support our endeavor to not only ask the Commission to allow for a new VEC, but to also give them reasons why they should seriously consider and approve us!

Thanks and 73!
Brandin S.  Hess - VA6ILS / WB1BR
President, Aurora Amateur Radio Group