From the Aurora ARG Media Room

AARG's 440 repeater fully operational!

By: Brandin Hess, VA6ILS / WL1R
Dated: September 21st, 2021

It brings me great pleasure to announce our club's first repeater being online in Kodiak!  As of 7:20pm Alaska Time today, our club repeater is fully operational, both locally over RF as well as VOIP.  Our repeater contains an Allstar and Echolink node built into the repeater itself.  For those who live in Kodiak or plan to visit, here is the RF information pertaining to our repeater:

Frequency:  443.800 MHz
Offset:  +5.0 MHz
CTCSS / PL Tone:  136.5 Hz

For those who want to connect with VOIP, here is the information needed to make that happen:

Allstar:  Node #552270 - Callsign WL9Z
Echolink:  Node #804543 - Callsign WL9Z-R

We will be announcing nets on the repeater over the coming weeks, so please stay tuned.  For those who have been waiting for this day to finally come, I truly thank you for your incredible patience.  It truly means a lot to me!  This repeater is open to anyone who is licensed to use the 70cm amateur radio band.  With that, I hope you all enjoy the use of it and I want to personally thank Jake Everich, KL4QY for being willing to host this for us!

Brandin S. Hess - VA6ILS / WL1R
President, Aurora Amateur Radio Group