From the Aurora ARG Media Room

AARG releases new exam schedule

By: Brandin Hess, VA6ILS / WB1BR
Dated: November 1st, 2021

A new exam schedule is being implemented, effective December 1st, 2021.  This new schedule opens up additional flexibility to allow more opportunities for potential examinees during various days of each week.  While we know the schedule will not please or meet everyone's specific needs, we are working on a way to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be served.  To that end, here is our exam schedule, effective Wednesday, December 1st, 2021:

**  Mondays starting at 1600hrs Alaska Time
**  Tuesdays starting at 1600hrs Alaska Time
    ==> We will alternate each week for these two sessions.  Meaning, one week we do testing on a Monday and the following week we do testing on a Tuesday.  This would ensure our VEs have adequate opportunity to serve.

**  Thursdays starting at 1500hrs Alaska Time
    ==> This will remain a weekly session, as the number of our available VEs remains plentiful.

**  First Saturday of each month starting at 1500hrs Alaska Time ... this would grant applicants an opportunity to test on a weekend who can't test during the week.

**  Third Wednesday of each month starting at 1700hrs Alaska Time ... this is our "Ring of Fire" special.  We are offering this session once per month, focusing our efforts to serve those who live in Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii and the Northern Mariana Islands.  We will not accept applications from those who are physically testing in the continental United States.  This session will give a reasonable time for those in the Pacific to test with us, once per month.

For those who want to see our schedule visualized, please click HERE to download a copy of our master schedule through the end of 2022 in PDF format.

In closing, we want to thank those of you who have come to see us for testing.  Without you, and the tireless service of our VE team, none of this would be possible!  Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US and we will gladly help out.

Brandin S. Hess - VA6ILS / WB1BR
Chairman, Aurora ARG VE Program
President, Aurora Amateur Radio Group