Aurora Amateur Radio Group Repeater

Frequency:  448.800 MHz
Offset:  -5.0 MHz
CTCSS / PL Tone:  136.5 Hz
NOTE: The repeater covers everything in Kodiak itself relatively well.  There are some dead spots driving Rezanof between the airport and the traffic signal.  The repeater can be accessed in Bells Flats with a good HT and antenna, as well as a mobile transceiver.  The repeater does also cover the airport and United States Coast Guard Base.

For those who want to connect with VOIP, here is the information needed to make that happen:

Allstar:  Node #552270 - Callsign WL9Z
Echolink:  Node #691997 - Conference *AURORA*
    NOTE:  The club repeater will always be connected to this conference.

Aurora Amateur Radio Group Weekly Net

Aurora Amateur Radio Group Weekly Net - every Saturday at 5:00pm Alaska Time (9:00pm Eastern Time).  See the information above to join us if you aren't physically located in Kodiak.

NCS Schedule
Page updated on August 7th, 2022

13 AUG - Brandin, WL1B
20 AUG - Wendy, W3NRN
27 AUG - Andy, W0AEL

3 SEP - Marv, AE0NO
10 SEP - Brandin, WL1B
17 SEP - Brandin, WL1B
24 SEP - Andy, W0AEL

1 OCT - Marv, AE0NO
8 OCT - Brandin, WL1B
15 OCT - Wendy, W3NRN
22 OCT - Andy, W0AEL
29 OCT - Marv, AE0NO

5 NOV - Brandin, WL1B
12 NOV - Wendy, W3NRN
19 NOV - Andy, W0AEL
26 NOV - Marv, AE0NO

3 DEC - Brandin, WL1B
10 DEC - Wendy, W3NRN
17 DEC - Andy, W0AEL
24 DEC - Marv, AE0NO
31 DEC - Brandin, WL1B