Join our VE Team

The Aurora ARG VE Program is always looking for new amateur radio operators with a desire to serve.  By devoting some of your time to give back as an accredited Volunteer Examiner, you are doing an integral part to pass on a legacy that goes back nearly a half century.  To become an accredited Volunteer Examiner, you must meet some very basic requirements as prescribed in Part 97 of the Commission's Rules.  They are as follows:

  • Be accredited by the coordinating VEC;

  • Be at least 18 years of age;

  • Be a person who holds an amateur operator license of the class specified below:

    • Amateur Extra, Advanced or General Class in order to administer a Technician Class operator license examination;

    • Amateur Extra or Advanced Class in order to administer a General Class operator license examination;

    • Amateur Extra Class in order to administer an Amateur Extra Class operator license examination.

  • Not be a person whose grant of an amateur station license or amateur operator license has ever been revoked or suspended.

In addition to the basic requirements set forth in Part 97 of the Commission's Rules, each participating VE in the Aurora ARG VE Program must also adhere to the following:

  • To remain active on our roster, each VE must participate in a minimum of 2 remote exam sessions per month or two in-person sessions per year;

  • Each VE participating in an exam session must agree to make an honest effort to be physically present for the session at least 30 minutes prior to its scheduled start time.  If a participating VE is not able to make it, an honest effort must be made to notify one of the lead Volunteer Examiners as soon as possible.

  • Each VE in our program must be capable of using Internet Relay Chat and have a client installed on their computer or other device, to be used while participating in exam sessions.

  • Each VE must agree to refrain from the use of profanity or derogatory language while conducting examination sessions that represents the Aurora Amateur Radio Group in any situation.  Each VE must further understand that using such language while connected to a telephone or video conference sponsored by the Aurora Amateur Radio Group will result in immediate removal.  Each VE will understand that future participation would be based on a meeting with the Chairman of our VE Program.

  • Each VE must agree to uphold a level of respect toward their peers that exhibits a sense of professionalism and work as a team to ensure we are providing the best service possible to the amateur radio community.

  • Each VE must agree to actively uphold the highest level of honesty, integrity, and service at all times as a Volunteer Examiner while administering amateur radio license examinations on behalf of the Aurora Amateur Radio Group.

To become accredited and join our VE team, you must undergo a two step process.  You must first obtain accreditation as a VE from the ARRL VEC, if you are not already accredited with them.  If you are not accredited with the ARRL VEC, you must first complete their application and open-book exam.  You can obtain the fillable PDF documents below and a link to Part 97 that pertains to the VEC system:

VE Application & Open-Book Exam
ARRL VE Manual
Part 97, Subpart F - Qualifying Examination Systems

Once you have completed the open-book exam and VE application, please send it to us directly via email as a PDF attachment to testing(at)  We will review it for completeness and go over any missed questions as necessary.  Once the application and open-book exam are in good order, we will get it forwarded off to the ARRL VEC for processing.  Please allow up to two weeks from date of receipt to become accredited.

After your application is approved and the ARRL VEC confirms you are accredited, we will email you a link to complete a very short form.  The form consists of collecting some basic contact information and a VE agreement.  After receiving the form, the Chairman of our VE Program will get in touch with you via telephone and discuss some of our procedures, as well as sending a follow-up email that will contain your login credentials to our exam platform.  Should you have any other questions about the process, please send us an email to testing(at) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We thank you for your interest in joining our family and look forward to having you on our team!

Already an accredited VE with the ARRL VEC?  You may skip all of the above information and immediately apply to join.  Those application is available below:

Application to Join