Becoming A Volunteer Examiner (VE) With AARG

Remember when you sat for your exam(s) with AARG how helpful and friendly the VEs were with you? You thought “how can I become part of this great team?” Well, wonder no more!

In Amateur Radio, there are two touchstones – Get On The Air and Get Involved. Being a VE is a direct way of supporting and encouraging new and experienced amateur radio operators by administering the licensure exams.


  1. You must hold a CURRENT Amateur Extra license.
  2. Complete the AARG VE Application Form (which includes a link to the ARRL, our Volunteer Exam Coordinator. You must take and pass their Volunteer Examiner test).
  3. Have an interview with the AARG VE Team Chair
  4. After acceptance, commit to at least one test session a month.


Any additional questions? Contact the AARG VE Team Chair at

Looking forward to having YOU as part of the Aurora team!