Amateur Radio License Study Materials

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Additional License Study Resources from Ham

HF Propagation & Ionospheric Activity

United States Amateur Radio Regulations

FCC Part 97 – Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Resources

Listed below are helpful resources pertaining to the amateur radio art and other technological items.

Links for Every Ham
QRZ Database – Directory of hams worldwide
Contest Calendar – Information on amateur radio contests from WA7BNM
Repeaterbook – Directory of repeaters worldwide

Topics for Further Study
Learn CW Online
Active/Common Signals – Signal Identification Wiki
Radio Modes and Modulation RTTY

Clubs and Organizations
ARRL – American Radio Relay League
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
Skywarn Weather Spotter Program
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN)
FEMA – Emergency Management Institute

News: Articles, Podcasts and Shows
Amateur Radio Newsline
ARRL YouTube Channel
Ham Radio Workbench – Making and technical topics for the radio amateur – Low power and portable radio operations
QSO Today – Interviews with movers and shakers in the hobby
DX News – DX-Peditions, DX Information, Contesting
73 Magazine (Amateur Radio Today) – Internet Archive of old editions – Amateur Radio reviews and software setups
SolderSmoke – Making and kit building – Solar weather and amateur radio – Radio thoughts and topics from our very own Vince d’Eon
KH6JRM’s Amateur Radio Blog – Mostly antenna design and testing

Radios & Gear: Parts & Support
Major retailers
Ham Radio Outlet
Parts and Kits
Mouser Electronics – Components and consumables
DigiKey – More components and consumables
QRPlabs – Low power transceiver kits
QRPGuys – Ham kits of all kinds
Baofeng Cheat Sheet
IC-7300 Quick Guide
FT-991A Menu Settings
Mods for IC-7100 |
Microphone Connections

Nets & Spots
Ham Radio HF Nets
POTA – Parks on the Air
SOTA – Summits on the Air
PSKReporter – Digital mode spotting map
QSO/SWL real time maps – W2LN – 50
Tropospheric Ducting Forecast for VHF & UHF Radio & TV

Digital Modes
Winlink E-Mail – Send and receive e-mail over RF
Echolink Software – Connect to hams and repeaters from your phone or computer
Echolink / Linux | KJ6ZD
Echolink on Linux
IRLP – Internet Radio Linking Project
D-Star – Icom digital voice service
DStar Commander Image at W6KD Forum
NJ6N & G7LWT’s D-STAR Script Shop
APRS: Hardwired Cell | WCARES
X Reflector Directory

Electronics, Computers & Tech
Battery Charging Tutorial, ChargingChargers
High Gain Yagi Wi-Fi Antenna
UbuntuHams – Ubuntu Wiki
NEETS – Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series
RoMac Software
notes on ShinySDR by HA5KFU
Electronics 101 – Fundamentals of Electricity – Lesson 1
GPS receivers connectors pinouts diagrams
KDJ’s Other WebSite
Ramesh Dhami, VA3UV
Update: SignaLink and Other USB Digital Interfaces
Frequency counter with PIC and 4- to 5-digit LED display
Digital Speech Decoder – George Smart’s Wiki
WB8WGA’s Simple Inexpensive TNC | Enide!
OpenRepeater Project

Broadcastify – Live Police, Fire, EMS, Aircraft, and Rail Audio Feeds