FAQ’s for License Testing

Question:  Am I permitted to use a calculator for the exam?
Answer:  Yes, you may use a calculator for the exam if the memory can be cleared to the satisfaction of the VE team.

Question:  Am I allowed to use multiple monitors during the exam?
Answer:  No.  While we enjoy seeing applicants with plenty of screen space, you will be asked to consolidate all of your work down to one monitor  You will be asked to power down any additional monitors that are running before your exam begins.

Question:  Am I allowed to use earbuds or a headset to test?
Answer:  No.  We prohibit the use of any earbuds or headset while you are testing. We must be able to hear all audio in your exam environment to ensure adequate observation by our examiners.

Question:  Am I permitted to take more than one exam at a session?
Answer:  Absolutely!  If you are prepared, and have studied for multiple elements you are more than welcome to do so.  It will not cost you anything extra unless you fail an attempt.

Question:  May I take my exam in an open environment, such as a living room or loft?
Answer:  Yes, as long as you understand that no one is permitted to enter the area while you’re test is underway.

Question:  May I use my tablet or iPad to take my exam?
Answer:  No. The exam must be taken on a laptop or desktop computer.  We cannot be certain that the exam platform will function correctly on those devices.

Question:  What is permissible to use as a second camera?
Answer:  You may use a smartphone, tablet, iPad or another laptop with a webcam.

Question:  May I use Zoom on the web to join the exam session?
Answer:  No. You must install the actual program or app on both devices you intend to use for the exam.

Question:  When will I get my Zoom link to join the exam session?
Answer:  You will receive an email from us with the time you will be joining our exam session, usually around 24 hours in advance of the exam. The time listed will be the approximate time to start watching your email for a Zoom link.  Your invite link will arrive approximately the time listed.

Question:  How long does it take for my license to be issued after I depart the exam session?
Answer:  If you pass your exam, congratulations!  We send the documentation to our coordinating VEC for processing immediately after the session ends.  The data is passed on to the FCC at their best possible speed. This means you will typically receive your email to pay, if a new license is being obtained, or your upgrade will post in the ULS, the next business day. 

Question:  If I don’t have a calculator and want to use one, may I use the one that is built in to my operating system?
Answer:  We don’t permit examinees to use the operating system’s calculator. 

Question:  If I am taking my exam outside the United States, may I present my foreign passport or other foreign identification at exam time?
Answer:  No.  If you are testing from outside the United States, you must present proof of being a Permanent Resident or United States Citizen.  We will not accept any foreign identification. 

Question:  Is there a time limit on the exam?
Answer:  No. We do not impose anything of the sort. In fact, you are encouraged to take your time.

Question:  May I use a VPN to take the exam?
Answer:  No, we ask all applicants to disable their VPN, as well as other browser addons or extensions prior to joining their exam room, just to make sure we have a clean environment.

Question:  Does the Aurora Amateur Radio Group offer special sessions, outside of those regularly scheduled?
Answer:  Yes, we do!  If you have a legitimate reason as to why one of our regularly scheduled sessions don’t work for you, we will ask for an email to be sent to ve(at)aarg.club with your proposed date/time and reason(s) why a special session is requested.  Keep in mind, your request will not be granted if we don’t have enough VEs available to fill the need.  Please be mindful of that when sending us your request.  Your request for a special session is not guaranteed.

Question:  If I need to reschedule my exam, do I have to pay again?
Answer:  Nope.  Just tell us when you’d like to test.  It’s that easy!

Question:  I am on a tight schedule.  I am trying to set my calendar as I have other things going on during the day.  How much time should I block out for my exam from start to finish?
Answer:  To be fair and transparent, it is recommended you have a two hour window.  This helps with any delays with prior examinees (should you not be first on the roster for that session) and also if you plan to test for more than one element.  That will offer you a great safety net.

Question:  I am scheduled to test this evening and I haven’t received an email yet.  Can you help?
Answer:  Sure thing! We do ask that you check the spam or junk folder with your email service before contacting us. Almost all applicants who tell us they haven’t received an email find it in one of those two folders.  An easy way to locate it is to search for “aarg.club” (without the quotes) in your search box.  That helps locate it quickly.  If you indeed have not received an email, give us a call and we will make sure you receive it.

Question:  Am I restricted to any specific room or place to take my exam?
Answer:  Absolutely not!  You can sit anywhere as long as the room or area is free of anything that could help you pass your exam, and other individuals know to stay away until you’re finished.

Question:  I am a blind applicant and want to take my exam with the Aurora Amateur Radio Group.  Apart from the standard application process, is there anything else I need to submit prior to the exam?
Answer:  In support of your request to test with us, we must have proof of your blindness from an ophthalmologist or other licensed practitioner.  You will be required to send an email to ve(at)aarg.club with the contact information for the medical facility where we would get those records, if you don’t already have them.  Per Part 97.509(k), we are allowed to request this information to ensure you are getting an examination that meets the applicant’s need.  Our current exam platform is fully ADA compliant and works well with most screen readers for the blind.

Question:  I am a hearing impaired applicant and use American Sign Language to communicate.  I am unable to hear the instructions of the VE’s.  Can you still help?
Answer:  Absolutely!  We will need proof of your hearing loss from a certified audiologist to ensure we have satisfied Part 97.509(k) of the FCC’s rules.  You will need to send contact information or documentation from your audiologist to ve(at)aarg.club and we will provide an ASL interpreter when you come to test with us.

Question:  What happens if I answer “yes” to the felony question?
Answer:  If you indeed have been convicted of a felony crime in a state or federal court in the United States, you will have to send some additional documentation to the FCC prior to your amateur radio license application being granted.  For more information on the Basic Qualification Question (i.e. the “felony” question), please click HERE to learn more about the documents required and necessary procedures after you take your exam.